The Travertino marble is a wonderful limestone with sedimentary origin and porous structure.
The consequence of this feature is that the surface is not very compact and it's easy to damage with strong detergents, food and drinks.

The travertino marble is used to realized different components like floors, sinks, shower trays and wall coverings. It's very delicate but today we can process this kink of surface with polishing to make it more resistent.

So, if you need a floor in travertino marble, this finish guarantee beauty and elegance to the room, but also resistence to the usury thanks to his impermeability.

In the picture you can see an example of floor in travertino with polishing finish made for an entrance hall of a house. An impeccable result that can receive positive comments from our guests.

To keep it so beautiful for years just take care keeping it clean using a soft wet cloth and no aggressive detergents, preserving it's natural beauty.

Instead the travertino marble "al contro" is perfect to be used in the bathroom. The main feature of this kind of marble is his similarity with wood and it's perfect to realized shower trays, wall covering and also a wonderful bathroom top, like in the pictures.

The last but not the least is the travertino marble red, that give great effect thanks to his bright color. It's perfect to be used for bathroom top or sink like in the picture, for a very original house.