The granite is an intrusive igneous rock, originates as a result of the cool off and the crystallization of magma below the surface, from 1,5 and 50 km depth.

This is a very low process that allows the development of crystal like the ortoclasio, miche and quartzite.
The composition of these elements origin the granite and his several colors, ranging from white to white-grey, and from pink to red, depending on the concentration of ferric oxide.

What are the main features of the granite?

The most important one is the hardness, because is a hard processing material and for this reason it has been little used in the past.
Furthermore, the granite has also a high resistance to usury and to abrasion of acid agents like fruits, detergents and other domestic things that can undermine and riun the marble surfaces.

So the granite is higly recommended for top kitchen, bathroom surface and internal floors.
In these case the material is waxed with abrasive brush to obtain a refine processing with mirror effect, perfect for internal environment.

But the granite is also used to realized monuments or external floors thanks to his important features of resistance to usury and compression.
In these case the most appropriate processing is something more crude like the bushhammering.