Green building, environmental sustainability, renewable energy. These are new and important words in this particolar period. In a world where resources are poor, the aim is to carry out buildings that can respect the environment, investing in research to find new energy resources.

Green building refers to a structure and using process that is environmentally responsible using alternative energy like solar, hydro and wind, and environmentally friendly building materials.
So, here the question of the article: there is something more Green than the stone?
The common construction materials are extracted from the quarry as the marble, but later processed using harmful substances such as glues, painting... If you decide to make a sink, a top or stairs in marble, granite or stone, you can be sure that the materials are simply processing without harmful substances!
If you find some changes of color, fossild or veins, it's the demonstration that the stone is 100% natural.

Where is create the stone? In nature. How is it processed? With diamond tools and water-based machines. How long it can resist? Think about the Colosseo, the beautiful statues in Firenze, the wonderful city of Venezia.